It’s certainly difficult to explain the complexity of DATA Recovery, the value and importance of the DATA, and the fact that it’s more than just a computer… it is photos, files, recipes, taxes, genealogy and inventory, accounting and more.  Much of it irreplaceable.

Our lives are held in our computers, the details without the paper.  The things that use to be in files and drawers and hung on bulletin boards.. all of it is now in the computer.. available at the push of a button… Until, one day it’s not.

One day you open that computer and it hisses at you, spurts, sputters and then just stares back at you, quietly blankly… and you know your photos are in trouble.  It’ll be a while before you realize how much else is on the computer.  Unless you’re running a Blog or on-line business it’ll be a day or two before the vastness of the loss hits you. But don’t panic.. help is available.

I started  The Data Recovery Uncovered newsletter to let people know about backing-up data, external drives and basic computer concepts and even new products etc.  Simple and basic for the average layman, in the Kim Komando style.

I’m ultimately qualified to be the author here because I know what the average person goes through trying to understand what the professionals are saying and doing (smile). It’s all Greek and I’m good at translation back to English.

For the professionals… if  you want to do a little promotion, send me an article and I’ll publish here on Data Recovery Uncovered giving you full credit and a link to your website or e-mail.  I’ll publish all your contact info.. send it on.

Make it short and simple.. or funny and interesting.. or tell us a horror story or something ‘unbelievable’.  Send your computer jokes or your favorite cartoons.  (do I need to say.. G-rated only)

You’re always welcome to send the newsletters on to your clients also, in fact I encourage it.  It’s time to brag.. strut your stuff.. tell us what you do.. and how you do it.. how do you service your customers, return your calls, or deal with complainers.. What to do with the useless computer.. and even where to buy a new one.

This is digital so if you’re interested in a client in New York.. or Timbuktu here’s the place to tout it.

My clients are here also.. this site will go to all who are interested in computers and things related.  Tell us where to buy back-up, costs, warnings, guarantees.  If it’s positive and uplifting send it on.

Send it to le@aspirean.com.. and I’ll publish articles, photos or comments.

Good Luck.


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