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Data Recovery, Choose Wisely

17 Jul

In the corporate environment a good Data Recovery Team will do more than recover your data.. they will manage the entire response process.  This will include the technical ingenuity and security knowledge to help you gain a quick understanding of the seriousness of the situation and how you can be a part of the solution while not contributing to the problem.

A good Data Recovery team will use their experience and training to gain a quick understanding and prioritize the task of limiting your company’s further risk. By understanding the scope of the data security incident they can provide a sound and accurate information for further the business decisions you’ll be making in regards to the future of your computer data security.

Look for a team that provides root-cause analysis quickly and accurately and determines in the first hours the extent to which your data was actually compromised.  Restoration is critical, but protection should be a high priority and not forgotten.

A good team will be clear and precise in it’s due diligence.  From electronic investigation and forensic accounting to identifying fraud and instigating the solution and security you’ll need and want going forward.

Data is critical to a business’s vitality and well-being and losing data for any reason is cause for swift action and good decisions.  Losing data to fraud or vandalism is cause for even greater concern and raises the level of action you’ll need to take.

Fear need not be part of the equation if quick and wise decisions are made on choosing a recovery company.  From your first phone contact assume the seriousness of the incident and know that your Company will be on life-support until the issue is resolved.  Don’t bury your company by choosing a weak or unqualified Recovery team.